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Stainless Ruger Single Six
.32 H&R Magnum

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This Stainless .22 Ruger Single Six has been converted to .32 H&R magnum. It is a "Best Grade" Ruger complete with custom line-bored cylinder, half cock loading modification, Flat Top conversion, etc. The barrel thread was increased from .562" to .625" diameter for added strength, and of course the gun was converted from rim fire to center fire. The cylinder was made larger in diameter than the Ruger .32 H&R, 1.485" instead of 1.435". It not only has a more balanced appearance, the extra .025" chamber wall thickness provides an extra margin of safety when the gun is allowed to stretch its legs, so to speak. 115 gr lead bullet at 1350 fps, not bad. Accurate, light weight, and low recoil. Ideal for the trail or instructing youngsters in the joys of shooting.


.475 Linebaugh
Best Grade Ruger Bisley Conversion

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6" .475 x 1.4 Express (.475 Linebaugh). Best Grade Ruger Bisley conversion with BoMar rear sight up-grade. Custom extra length ejector housing. Double dowel attachment holds this heavy housing securely even with the .475. Recoil is appreciable, 430 gr. Cast bullet @ 1350 fps. Best Grade Rugers feature our Half-Cock Conversion.

Alpha Precision performs the usual single action modifications: trigger job, barrel cylinder gap tightening, custom base pins, barrel shortening, custom barrels, barrel fitting, etc. We also produce our own cylinders of aircraft certified chrome moly or precipitation hardened stainless. Line bored chambering is available as well. Cylinders are available for Ruger New Model Blackhawks, and 3rd generation Colt single actions.

Taylor Throating is offered in .22, .32, .357/.38, .40, .41, .44, .45, and .475 calibers. Essentially, the barrel throat is lengthened one and one half to two calibers, and enlarged to slightly over groove diameter. The throat serves as the throat in a rifle barrel, enabling the bullet to become perfectly aligned with the bore before engaging the rifling. The "choking" effect present from tightening the barrel into the frame is removed as well. The rifling leade is a very gentle 1 ˝ degrees. On average, when tested before and after using a Ransom Rest, 50 yard groups have been reduced 40 to 50%.


Stainless Ruger Blackhawk .45 Colt
Best Grade Flat top conversion

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Best Grade 4 5/8" stainless Ruger Blackhawk .45 Colt. Flat top conversion with Bowen adjustable rear sight. Hammer is a modified Super Blackhawk, checkered 30 lpi. Best Grade Rugers feature our Half-Cock Conversion.

I am convinced Taylor Throating produces the greatest accuracy improvement value available. Line-bore chambering will produce the most accurate revolvers, but the cost is prohibitive for many. When the barrel is accurately recrowned; the forcing cone recut concentric to the bore; Taylor Throating is almost as accurate as line-bore chambering with a savings of several hundred dollars.

Alpha Precision Custom Grade Ruger conversions are available in Field Grade and Best Grade configurations. Both grades have custom cylinders and premium quality match barrels. Custom cylinders are free wheeling, that is they will rotate in either direction when the loading gate is open. They incorporate a heat treated bushing which extends the full length of the cylinder. There is twice the bearing area at the breech for longer lasting performance. Special base pins are made for a specific cylinder and frame so they do fit. The cylinders are chambered by the line-bore method, assuring the most accurate chamber/bore alignment possible. Chambers are minimum dimensions, yet will reliably function with conventional ammunition.


Stainless Ruger Vaquero 
.44 Magnum

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Best Grade 4 5/8" stainless Ruger Vaquero .44 magnum. S&W adjustable rear sight. Cylinder is 1.750" diameter (standard on our cylinders, .020 larger than factory), and is .100 longer than factory. The S&W sight is an attractive modification, reminiscent of custom Colts by King, Christy, and others in the 40’s and 50’s. Best Grade Rugers feature our Half-Cock Conversion.

Custom Rugers have special cylinder latches and latch supports. The latches provide much greater locking area in the frame and cylinder than factory, greatly strengthening the lock-up. The design will minimize "ringing" of the cylinder due to rubbing during rotation. You are free to pick and choose from an extensive list of custom features listed in the price schedule. Many prefer a "package’ approach, whereby combinations of enhancements are grouped together to provide the best value. Even within the packages, features may be added or deleted to suit.

Custom Grade Ruger Conversions are available in two levels of enhancement, Field Grade and Best Grade. Performance is the same, differing in finish and use of factory parts on Field Grade guns where accuracy, durability, and strength are not compromised.


Stainless Ruger Bisley Blackhawk
.44 Magnum

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5 ˝" stainless Ruger Bisley Blackhawk, .44 magnum. Ruger does not produce this configuration. To get one, you start with a stainless Blackhawk and a stainless Bisley Vaquero; swap and refit grip frames, hammers and triggers and you end up with the stainless Bisley. There is a stainless Vaquero left over to sell, or to use in cowboy competition, for instance. NOTE: Ruger is now selling stainless Bisley grip frames, hammers, and triggers, making this conversion much more economical. This Ruger features our Half-Cock Conversion.

Field Grade: Best Grade mechanical work representing a no frills value. Custom, standard 1.750" (factory is 1.730") diameter, five or six shot line bore chambered cylinder with mechanical up-grades to improve revolver strength and longevity. Premium grade barrel with conventional crown and minimum barrel cylinder gap end play and headspace: modified Ruger ramp front sight and factory rear sight: Factory ejector and ejector tube: Standard tune, 2.5 to 3 pound no creep trigger with internal over travel stop: Corrected carry-up, cylinder is locked when hammer is cocked: Cylinder is free-wheeling, will rotate in either direction when loading gate is open: Standard matte blue, or brush finish on stainless. Script "Field Grade" marking on frame top. "Custom by Alpha Precision, Inc. Jim Stroh" tastefully marked on right frame side.

Best Grade: Field Grade with the following up-grades: Contour front sight with removable blade: Bowen adjustable rear sight: Steel ejector tube, double doweled, with either Colt ejector (blued guns), or custom checkered stainless ejector head: Checkered hammer spur: Maximum ejector travel for easier case removal: Hammer half cock loading: Minimal cylinder ringing: Colt-style or 11 degree barrel crown: Master high polish blue, or rubbed stainless. Script "Best Grade" marking on frame top.

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